Complaints and disputes (duplicate)

Useful contact details and alternative routes

All the contact details and the alternatives available to you.

How to contact us if you have a problem?

It is very important for us to help you. If something goes wrong, remember that you can refer to the support area or use the chat service.

If your problem has not been solved and you need to make a formal complaint, you can do it in one of the following ways:

  • By filling in the special (in Italian)

  • By sending a certified email (PEC) to the address

By ordinary mail or registered post with advice of receipt to be addressed to Banca AideXa S.p.A. - Reclami - Via Cusani, 10 - 20121 - Milan (MI)

  • By sending an email to

If, on the other hand, you have specific requests regarding personal data, you can write to

If you are a customer with a salary-backed loan relationship Payment and Deduction of Loan from Salary extinguished as at 30th September 2020, for any complaints or if you need further information you can write to or to

Remember that any complaint must contain:

  • Your personal identification details (name, surname, address and date of birth)

  • The corporate name, the registered offices and your company’s references (i.e. VAT number)

  • Your Certified email address (PEC) or your email

  • The description of the reason for the complaint, with annexed documentation useful for describing the fact and the relevant circumstances

How long do we take to answer?

We will give you a written reply within 60 days from receiving your complaint.

We will reply in 15 working days for complaints related to payment services. If it is not possible, for exceptional circumstances, to reply within this maximum time, Banca AideXa will send the Customer a preliminary answer indicating the reasons for the delay and specifying the new term for providing the definitive answer, that may not in any case exceed 35 working days

What to do if our reply is late or unsatisfactory?

Banca AideXa endorses the Banking and Financial Ombudsman (ABF) established at the Banca d’Italia and the Banking and Financial Mediator, association for the resolution of banking, financial and corporate disputes - ADR. If you consider the outcome of the complaint unsatisfactory or if you have not received a reply within the envisaged terms, before taking it to court, you can take it to the Banking and Financial Ombudsman or Mediator. 

What is the difference between the Ombudsman and Mediator?

The Banking and Financial Ombudsman deals with resolving out-of-court disputes up to the limit of 200,000 euro if the application concerns paying a sum of money and without limits of amount in all the other cases. The Banking and Financial mediator may be contacted as an alternative to the ABF or for matters that lie outside its competence

How to appeal to the Ombudsman?

Consult the special guide available on this Website, go to the website, or go to a branch of Banca d'Italia open to the public. 

How to appeal to the Mediator?

Even in the absence of a prior complaint to Banca AideXa, you can apply for mediation aimed at conciliation with the banking and financial Mediator. To learn how to contact the Mediator, call 02 872 937 00, or directly contact the Banking and Financial Mediator, at Via delle Botteghe Oscure, 54 - 00186 - Rome - Telephone: 06 67 48 21 - Fax: 06 674 822 50 - Email:

Are there alternatives to the Ombudsman and to the Mediator?

As an alternative to the ABF, or for matters falling outside their sphere of competence, you can apply for mediation aimed at conciliation with one of the authorised mediation bodies in accordance with the law (Legislative Decree no. 28 dated 4th March 2010 and subsequent amendments). In any case, undertaking this mediation procedure is a condition for the admissibility of any institution of proceedings. 

Further reading in Italian

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