Rating model

Our controls and assessments

The loan application analysis procedure.

Minimum loan criteria control

The Banca AideXa S.p.A. financial solutions are addressed to companies with the following objective requirements:

• Turnover in excess of € 50,000

• Company age over or equal to 2 years of business in the event of Sole Proprietorships, partnerships and corporations

Type of company:

• Corporations with a deposited financial statement

• Partnerships

• Sole-proprietorships

Loan application assessment

If your company comes within the eligibility criteria reported above and you are interested in one of our products, once we have obtained your consent we will proceed with assessing your loan application. The control is based on analysing: 

• public data (data from financial statements deposited in the Chamber of Commerce)

• serious protests and detriments

• Information on trends provided by the Credit Information Systems (CIS)

• Negative information on shareholders or important company officers

• Information related to bank current accounts for which, during the loan application process, we have received your permission to access. As an alternative to this information we will analyse the PDFs of the statements of the same current accounts as those shared with us.

The result of this analysis, summarised in an overall assessment of the credit worthiness, has the purpose of calculating the probability of a company becoming insolvent in a certain time period. Since it is an estimate, this overall assessment does not necessarily indicate that another bank or another financial broker might not come to differing opinions.

If your company does not show any criticalities and the creditworthiness indicator calculated by us comes within the limits we have established, you will receive confirmation of acceptance of your application.

The creditworthiness assessment is a statistical assessment that is based on historical data and does not, therefore, imply that your company cannot access our services in future. The assessment may change in time if there is an improvement in the company’s data, or as a consequence of changes in the calculation methods applied by Banca AideXa S.p.A.