X Risparmio deposit account        

You can get an annual rate of up to 4,50% and your savings are fully protected by the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund.

Open a deposit account
An entrepreneur cultivates coins.
An entrepreneur cultivates coins.

Why is it different?X Risparmio is a solution that's favourable for you and for the country

Through your deposit, while you earn, we finance the projects of small to medium-sized Italian enterprises.

Open a deposit account
  • No obligation to open a current account.

  • Your savings are 100% protected by the FITD.

  • 2,22% real income in 12 months.

  • Do everything online.

How does it work?

X Risparmio is a 100% secure, cost-free, escrow deposit account. If you decide to withdraw the deposited amount within 32 days from the maturity date of the investment, the money will be returned to you along with the accrued interest rate, which is calculated based on the investment period.

    Want to get an idea?Calculate the return on your deposit and find out the impact you can generate

    Choose an amount between 1,000 and 100,000 euro.


    What do you need?

    Go somewhere with good lighting and keep the documents and tools in this list at hand: it will take just 10 minutes to open a deposit account.

    • 01
      Tax Code

      from your national health card.

    • 02
      ID document

      ID card, passport and driving licence are accepted.

    • 03
      A device with a video camera

      such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.

    • 04

      of the current account you will use to send us the sum to be deposited.

    Still not sure?

    • Why is it 100% safe?

      Thanks to the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund, your savings are guaranteed up to 100,000 euro per individual customer.

    • I have taken out a loan with AideXa as the legal representative of a company. Can I still open a deposit account with you?

      Of course! The process to follow is the same, but the deposit account can only be registered under your name as a private individual.

    • I have sent the request: what do I do next to open the deposit account?

      Once all the steps have been completed, your request will be assessed and you will receive an email containing all the information you need to proceed, including the IBAN for the bank transfer.

    Who invests in us?We are a financially robust bank, thanks in part to those who believe in our project

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