X Risparmio Libero deposit account         

You can withdraw the deposited amount at any time.
Get an annual gross rate of 3,5% and be fully protected by the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund.

For all the details, refer to the information sheet in Transparency.

Open X Risparmio Libero
Female entrepreneur growing her business
Female entrepreneur growing her business

How does it work?Withdraw when you want. Save for as long as you want.

X Risparmio Libero allows you to keep the money close at hand. Simply withdraw to your linked main account.

  • The yield is calculated based on the money in balanceApplying an annual gross rate of 3,5%
  • We liquidate it every three monthsDirectly on your deposit account
  • Withdraw and deposit as much and whenever you wantObserving the deposit thresholds

Why choose it?X Risparmio Libero is a solution that's favourable for you and for the country

Through your deposit, while you earn, we finance the projects of small to medium-sized Italian enterprises.

Open X Risparmio Libero
  • Do everything online.

  • No obligation to open a current account.

  • Your savings are 100% protected by the FITD.

  • You can open it in just a few steps.

What do you need?

Position yourself in a well-lit area and keep the valid documents and the items on this list within reach.

  • 01
    Tax Code

    from your national health card.

  • 02
    ID document

    ID card, passport and driving licence are accepted.

  • 03
    A device with a video camera

    such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • 04

    of the current account you will use to send us the sum to be deposited.

Still not sure?

  • What’s the difference between X Risparmio and X Risparmio Libero?

    X Risparmio is a fixed-term deposit account that allows you to maximize returns on your deposited funds by locking them for a predetermined period of time.
X Risparmio Libero is a no notice deposit account that gives you freedom in its management, as you can add or withdraw money whenever you want, observing the maximum and minimun deposit thresholds.

  • How can I best use the account?

    X Conto allows you to generate an annual return, based on your average balance. Therefore, the more money you leave in the account, the higher the return.

  • I have already opened an X Risparmio deposit account. Can I also open X Risparmio Libero?

    Sure! You can open X Risparmio Libero deposit account even if you already have one or more X Risparmio deposit accounts. Contrary of X Risparmio, you can subscribe to only one X Risparmio Libero deposit account.

Want all the details?Read the X Risparmio Libero fact sheet in Italian

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Who invests in us?We are a financially robust bank, thanks in part to those who believe in our project.

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Want a fixed-term?Discover how much you can earn with the fixed-term deposit account.

You can choose the duration that suits you, from a minimum of 3 months up to 36 months.

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