X Garantito loan         

A solution designed for joint stock companies.

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A PMI owner standing in front of his property
A PMI owner standing in front of his property

Want some details?Up to 500,000 euro of liquidity to be repaid in instalments over 24 months

Apply now and in just 20 minutes you'll get an answer for your joint stock company.

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Up to 80% of the loan covered by the Guarantee Fund for SMEs.

A solution designed for joint stock companies.

Up to 500,000 euro for a flexible amount, at a fixed rate.

Pay back the loan in 24 convenient monthly instalments.

What do you need?

The process is simple and straightforward: if you have the things on this list to hand, we can process your application in 20 minutes.

  • 01
    Last financial statements

    deposited with the Chamber of Commerce.

  • 02
    A device with a video camera

    such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • 03
    VAT number

    of your business.

  • 04
    Tax Code

    from your national health card.

  • 05
    Bank statements

    from the banks connected to your business.

  • 06
    SPID/CIE credentials & related ID document

    of the legal representative or person with signatory power.

Still not sure?

  • Is there a pre-amortisation?

    No, there is no pre-amortisation for X Garantito.

  • Can I pay it off early and/or transfer the loan to another bank?

    You can pay off the residual debt of X Garantito in part or in full at any time. Just notify us by certified e-mail with ten days' notice. You will not incur any costs, even if you want to take the loan to another bank.

  • Who can apply for X Garantito?

    Joint-stock companies classified as SMEs on the basis of the provisions of the European Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC of 6 May 2003. If your business meets these requirements, but is a partnership or sole proprietorship, you can apply for the X Instant product, which gives you up to € 300,000.

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