X Garantito Extra Loan          

In just 20 minutes, find out if you can receive up to 3,000,000 euro.

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Entrepreneur in front of his company
Entrepreneur in front of his company

Want some details?Up to 3,000,000 euro in liquidity to be repaid, in instalments, over 60 months

X Garantito Extra is designed for joint-stock companies with at least five years of activity behind them and a minimum of 50,000 euro in turnover.

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We don't ask for guarantees.

Up to 80% of the loan is covered by the SME Guarantee Fund.

Apply from 25,000 euro up to 3,000,000 euro.

Repay your loan in 60 monthly instalments.

What do you need?

The process is simple and straightforward: for easy access, keep the things on this list close by.

  • 01
    Last 3 financial statements

    filed with the Chamber of Commerce.

  • 02
    A device with a video camera

    such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • 03
    VAT number

    of your business.

  • 04
    Tax Code

    from your national health card.

  • 05
    Bank statements

    from the banks connected to your business.

  • 06
    SPID/CIE credentials & related ID document

    of the legal representative or person with signatory power.

Still not sure?

  • How quickly is the loan paid out?

    On average, it takes 3 to 4 weeks for X Garantito Extra to be paid out.

  • Can I repay the loan early and/or transfer it to another bank?

    You may partially or fully repay the outstanding debt of X Garantito Extra at any time. Simply notify us by PEC with ten days' notice. You will not incur any costs, even if you wish to take the loan to another bank.

  • Who in my company can apply for a loan?

    The application for funding may be submitted by the legal representative or a director with signatory power.

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