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Find out in a few clicks if you can apply for up to 3 million euros for your business projects. For all details, consult the information sheet in Trasparency.

Una imprenditrice e due imprenditori.
Una imprenditrice e due imprenditori.
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Discover the financing potential of your businessOur thermometer tells you how financeable you are, without commitment.

We are always innovating to help SMEs. That's why we've developed a real thermometer to discover in just a few clicks how financeable you are.

This way you can decide with peace of mind whether to proceed by notifying the Credit Information Systems. With AideXa, you take your company's temperature!

Why us?

We like to do things differently

We are not bankers: we are entrepreneurs. Or, at least, we were before we left it all behind to create AideXa: a bank designed around the needs of small to medium-sized Italian enterprises.

Our mission is Italy's companies, all of them. Bars, pharmacies, travel agencies, restaurants, construction companies, stores, workshops, industries: for us, there is no undertaking that does not deserve to be valued.

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We believe that a digital business only works if there are real people behind it.

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Don't have a business?For you, there's a deposit account

Helping Italian companies grow, while your savings grow too.

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In our opinion, the best way to get things done is to work together.

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