About Us

We enhance the projects of micro and small businesses

with simple and fast financial solutions.

Our values?We are guided by solid principles.

Every day, we offer Italian entrepreneurs financial experiences that respect our 5 fundamental values.


When faced with an entrepreneurial opportunity, there is no time to waste. Receiving quick financial answers means being able to seize them.


We offer entrepreneurs concrete solutions because we know their needs inside out.


We give Italian SMEs the tools to enhance their potential and ground their projects.


Artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, open banking allow us to accurately profile a company and offer state-of-the-art solutions.


Financial sustainability is the prerequisite by which we can guarantee maximum security for the companies that turn to us.

Our originsSolutions for SMEs were not enough

Anyone working in finance knows well that small businesses constitute the backbone of the Italian economic fabric and that 50% of GDP is made by small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. The SME segment is still poorly served by the traditional banking world, despite contributing significantly to the country's productivity growth.
We have directly experienced the needs of micro and small businesses, and we understood that the solutions proposed so far by traditional banks and fintechs were missing something.
The life of businesses involves decisions to be made quickly, opportunities to be seized, ideas to be developed.
How did we do it? We created a bank to support Italian entrepreneurs and industrialize access to credit for micro-businesses thanks to AI technology.

The first step?Banking with artificial intelligence.

Banca AideXa was founded in 2020 by 10 co-founders led by Roberto Nicastro and Federico Sforza, as the first Italian fintech dedicated exclusively to micro, small and medium enterprises, born with the aim of simplifying the credit access experience for Italian entrepreneurs thanks to a 100% digital approach.
Leveraging the opportunities of open banking, Banca AideXa allows business owners to receive a financing proposal in just a few minutes and see the amount credited to their account even in a few days, without the need to sign and upload any paper documents.
Speed, effectiveness and innovation: to date, the evaluation of about 90% of requests is supported by AI to respond to the needs of those who do business every day.
Banca AideXa has successfully completed the raising of 96 million euros in capital from investors, business angels and co-founders.

Our leadershipWe innovate the banking world, starting from a solid experience.

After years at the top of major banking groups, Roberto Nicastro and Marzio Pividori now lead a unique scale-up that combines banking and digital expertise with artificial intelligence and the latest technologies to help Italian businesses.

Discover our leadership

We take moments of fun seriously too

We find the energy to generate successful projects by taking moments to celebrate our achievements. We are the AideXers:

  • we are more than 90 people
  • we have an average age of 33
  • 35% of us have a tech and digital background
  • we innovate the banking world also thanks to our mix of skills
Lavora con noi

Who are our investors?We are a bank ambitious in growth also thanks to those who believe in us

Our capital is held by over fifty investors, of which Generali, Banca Ifis, ISA and Banca Sella hold about 50%.