PressThe first year of AideXa brought 2.000 clients and € 80M of loans

AideXa closes a successful 2021 with 500% growth in the last quarter and the full banking licence
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Milan, 18 January 2022 – Banca AideXa, after one of the largest seed rounds in Europe with an astonishing 48 million euros round in 2020, is taking stock of its achievements in 2021 and looking forward to new projects. The fintech, founded during the pandemic by Chairman Roberto Nicastro and CEO Federico Sforza and dedicated exclusively to small businesses, was granted a banking licence last June and it closed 2021 with over € 80 million in loans disbursed and € 60 million in deposits collected.

Banca AideXa’s goal is to make the world of online financing very efficient for SMBs starting from the assumption that those who are running a business don’t have time to lose: they can’t spend hours sitting in a bank just to ask for a loan or wait weeks before the money is deposited in their bank account.

Taking advantage of the opportunities of open banking, Banca AideXa makes it possible for SMBs to receive a loan proposal in just a few minutes and to have the amount credited to their bank account within 48 hours, without the need to sign or print any paper documents.

In the fourth quarter of 2021 it grew by 500% compared to the previous three months. Volume growth was achieved while maintaining high portfolio quality (NPE<1%) thanks to proprietary scoring and the use of artificial intelligence. It is thanks to the proprietary PDS2 AI models and unparalleled customer experience that Banca AideXa achieved a leading positioning on instant small-ticket loans.

Thanks to AI PSD2 data, a Small Business can complete the onboarding in 10 minutes, requiring only VAT and PSD2 credential to obtain the credit answer in real time. This is what makes the client’s experience surprising, testified by a excellent rating on Trustpilot.

The banking licence also accelerated the growth of Banca AideXa's customer base, which now exceeds 2,000. What attracts Italian SMEs to the bank are its distinctive, fully digital loans, created to make access to online credit simple, fast and convenient thanks to Open Banking data:

  • X Instant: up to €100,000 obtainable in less than 48 hours

  • X Garantito: up to €500,000 guaranteed by the State, disbursed in just a few days

  • X Risparmio: a deposit account, which offers favourable interest rates.

 Banca AideXa was also number one in the LinkedIn Top Startups 2021 ranking, spotlighting the 10 Italian companies that continue to grow and attract talent. In this regard, Banca AideXa’s talent acquisition campaign aimed at professionals with digital and financial skills is forging ahead at full steam.

Currently there are more than 50 Aidexers and the goal is to have more than 100 employees by the end of 2022.

 “Banca AideXa's first year of operation was extremely successful. Since receiving our banking licence, the number of customers has grown exponentially, facilitating access to credit for micro and small enterprises. This means that Italian entrepreneurs, believe in our innovative services, specifically designed to meet their specific financial needs with speed, simplicity and efficiency”, says Federico Sforza, CEO of Banca AideXa.

Our financing products are rated 4.7 out of 5.0 stars in Trustpilot. In general, entrepreneurs are surprised by the speed of our processes and professionalism. Satisfaction that encourages us to do more and more in terms of developing new products and services, innovation and the growth of the whole team.

As for the current year, Banca AideXa is already working on the key objectives for 2022, including:

  • developing new credit products with a capital-light approach

  • launching checking account and value added services to simplify the lives of entrepreneurs.

2022 will also see Banca AideXa strengthen its digital channels and partner network, and focus on new data and artificial intelligence applications.