PressBanca AideXa: reached 300 million € of loans to SMEs

A threefold increase of clients over a year after receiving banking license: 6,000 clients relied on the fintech
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Milan, 17th January 2023 –  2022 has been a year of milestones and growth for Banca AideXa. The year just passed confirmed with data the solid growth strategy of the fintech bank founded by Roberto Nicastro and Federico Sforza in 2020, which closed its second year of life with excellent results, an expansion of solutions offered to SMEs, and new important partnerships.

First and foremost, what stands out is the number of 6,000 clients, including SMEs and private savers, who have relied on AideXa's innovative financial solutions: a threefold increase over the previous year.

Also, in terms of instant lending to Italian small and medium-sized businesses in December 2022, total disbursements reached €300 million, with loans that yielded an average term lower than 20 months.

In 2022 AideXa has also expanded and technologically enhanced its product portfolio. Today the fintech has 6 products on the market, including loans and deposit accounts. Two loans in particular have been launched during the last year, both guaranteed by the State: X Garantito Extra, designed on SMEs’ needs for longer durations of up to 60 months, and X Garantito Mini dedicated to smaller businesses and facilitate its financial inclusion.

The development of new proprietary algorithms and models for the assessment of loans’ requests, such as X Score algorithm, has enabled Banca AideXa to double the acceptance rate providing a more reliable and realistic evaluation. A partnership with BancoPosta was also made official in December 2022. Indeed, Poste Italiane company has chosen to rely on Banca AideXa's technology and online platform to offer its customer network (the largest in the country) access to instant lending based on AI, Open Banking and transactional data.

Among 2022’s milestones, further need to be highlighted: on the one side the expansion of the AideXer's team, which today includes 76 people; on the other side, AideXa was also awarded with the LinkedIn Top Startup 2022 prize (for the second year in a row), as well as with the prize for being the best startup for smartworking management after the end of the pandemic according to AIDP - Associazione Italiana per la Direzione del Personale. Banca AideXa has been also awarded by the ADI Design Index 2022 for its corporate website.

During the last few months of 2022, AideXa also saw the development of the business current account, which is conceived to be launched to SMEs in early 2023. The new solution will enable entrepreneurs to manage corporate cash, becoming also an opportunity for Banca AideXa to scale even faster in 2023 and at the same time support Italian SMEs.

If we think that we have achieved these results just one year after obtaining the banking license, I can only be proud of our growth and be positive about 2023 opportunities. Despite the current difficult economic situation, we managed not only to be stable and solid, but also to direct Banca AideXa to goals of increasing strength and sustainability.

Federico Sforza, Ceo & Co-Founder of Banca AideXa