Our path towards the future

Starting with the country's future.

The insight?Solutions for SMEs were lacking

Anyone who works in the field of finance knows that entrepreneurs are the backbone of Italy, the engine of our economic system. All of us have worked with them for many years and in many roles. We experienced their requirements first-hand, and we understood that something was missing from the solutions proposed to date by traditional banks and fintech providers.

gli imprenditori PMI sulla mappa dell'italia
gli imprenditori PMI sulla mappa dell'italia

The first step?"It was the end of 2017. Federico and I each spoke to a mutual friend, Alessandro Decio, about the desire to develop a specialist fintech company for small businesses: he then put us in touch."

Roberto Nicastro, President of Banca AideXa.

The goal?

We wanted to create something new

Business life has to do with taking quick decisions, seizing opportunities, developing ideas.

The service model of the traditional banks and fintechs we knew was not based on the actual needs of entrepreneurs and the real rhythms of their work.

What was needed was speed, readiness, simplicity. And someone to turn this idea into a bank.

How did we do it?

At first our bank was an idea

The project that saw the light in June 2018 was called, not surprisingly, Banca Idea. Because it is ideas, when transformed into reality, that change the world and make it better. We added two things to ours. The first is artificial intelligence, symbolised by the first two letters of our name. The second is that special something that makes us different, the secret ingredient that changes the balance of the recipe and makes it unique: our "X".

And the health crisis?

The pandemic was a challenge, but also an opportunity

In June 2019 we incorporated the company PBI Srl. In December of the same year, AideXa numbered 10 co-founders.

A few months after that, the whole world found itself facing a health crisis whose impact on small to medium-sized enterprises was enormous. In that period, we realised that it was not time to stop, but time to accelerate. In March 2020 we concluded a 48 million funding round; the following month we hired the first AideXer.

The turning point?"In March 2020, we gave up everything to build something we believed in and that the country needed. To help entrepreneurs during the pandemic, we became entrepreneurs ourselves."

Federico Sforza, CEO of Banca AideXa.

The gamble?

We decided to start up in 2020

In June 2020 we acquired Fide SpA. The following month we started planning X Instant: we provided our first loan in October.

AideXa Spa was born in November 2020. Before we were even born, we had already applied to become what we felt we were: a bank. In

December, we had a team of 30 AideXers.

Where are we heading?

We're aiming high, and we'll go far

In January 2021, we reached one million of credit issued: the following month, we opened X Instant to the public. By May, the number of AideXers had grown to 40. In June, we became Banca AideXa, ready for any business. July was the month in which we inaugurated Casa X and reached significant milestones. Today, we are first on the list of LinkedIn Top Italian Startups of 2021.

Now we want to become Italians' second bank: the one that takes care of people while helping businesses grow

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