The practical sense of our every action

The purpose, the mission, the values and the vision we share.

Our purpose?We exist to make Italy a company-friendly country

Our commitment revolves around this goal.

un aidexer misura una cittadina con un metro
un aidexer misura una cittadina con un metro

Our mission?Thanks to our work, we add value to the projects of SMEs

Every day we build simple and efficient financial experiences that respect our 5 core values.


We give Italian SMEs the tools to enhance their potential and ground their projects.


When faced with an entrepreneurial opportunity, there is no time to waste. Receiving quick financial answers means being able to seize them.


We offer entrepreneurs concrete solutions because we know their needs inside out.


Artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, open banking allow us to accurately profile a company and offer state-of-the-art solutions.


Financial sustainability is the prerequisite by which we can guarantee maximum security for the companies that turn to us.

Our vision?We want to become the benchmark community for Italian entrepreneurs

We want to be the ally of anyone who wants to invest in their own ideas, a place to meet and build something new together.

We believe in technology, but also in ideas; in the digital world, but also in people

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