The rules we have chosen

Our Code of Ethics.

Our approach?We work to improve together

To continuously improve, you have to start from the things you do each day. We behave with the utmost fairness and with respect for the individual, the environment and resources. We have chosen an approach built on listening, promoting well-being and fostering diversity. Our Code of Ethics is a fundamental tool for maintaining our standards of excellence.

With institutions and organisations?

We are selective and respectful of our interlocutors

We work for sustainable development and are committed to creating value to be distributed to all our interlocutors.

For us, fairness and transparency are professional obligations. That's why we assess the seriousness and reliability of the organisations with which we enter into direct and indirect relationships: from institutions to trade unions. During our investigations, we pay particular attention to involvement in activities that are illegal, detrimental to human rights or harmful to the health and safety of people, nature and the environment.

With our employees?

We believe in fairness, merit and responsibility

We support our employees on their journey and foster a positive working atmosphere that encourages participation and allows individuals to shine. We do everything possible to help AideXers reconcile business objectives and personal needs, because relationships between people here are based on trust and responsibility.

Every AideXer has access to the tools to report any violations of our rules of conduct. To all of them, we guarantee the utmost confidentiality and protection, especially in certain circumstances.

With our customers and suppliers?

We create relationships based on trust

The core strengths of our customer relationships? Competence, credibility, and the ability to innovate.

The selection of suppliers, meanwhile, is based on merit, solidity, organisational sustainability and value for money. We promise all of them fairness and integrity, avoiding conflicts of interest and illegal behaviour. We also seek to sensitise our suppliers to provide their services according to standards of conduct consistent with those indicated in our Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics

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